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By Stephanie Thompson
People Editor 

Phone photos lead to charges


A man who asked his girlfriend to send him photos is now facing two felony charges.

Jacob Ariel Allen, 19, of Green River recently appeared in the Third District Court of Judge Richard Lavery for an arraignment to two counts of sexual exploitation of children. On the first count, Allen allegedly induced a child to engage in making pornography. On the second count, Allen allegedly possessed the child pornography.

According to court documents, On July, 28, 2017, during and unrelated investigation, a Sweetwater County Sheriff’s deputy was given consent from Allen to search his cell phone. Oxygen Forensic Analyst Software was then used and three photos of a young-appearing nude female were discovered.

One of the photos was explicit in nature.

The detective was able to identify the girl in the photos by looking at Allen’s Facebook page. Some of the photos on Allen’s Facebook page were of him with the girl in the photos.

The detective set up an interview with the girl, who told the detective she was 16 years old when the photos were taken. She said she willingly took the photos of herself and sent them to Allen because she was Allen’s girlfriend.

On Aug. 7, 2017, a search warrant was obtained by the sheriff’s department to complete a more in-depth analysis of Allen’s phone. This analysis discovered text-message exchanges between Allen and the 16-year-old girl. These text messages led up to the girl sending the photos of herself.

During the text-message exchange, Allen allegedly asked the girl to send him photos because he was drunk.

After a few more texts back and forth, the girl sent them after Allen promised he was the only one looking at them.

Allen was interviewed and told the detective he told the girl to send him “pics.”

He said he never sent the photos to anyone else.


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