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By Stephanie Thompson
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More than a rivalry: students donate


January 31, 2018

Stephanie Thompson

Green River High School junior MaryAnn Wright took the school's blood drive as an opportunity to donate blood for the first time.

During the 10th annual High School Blood Drive Challenge, some Green River High School students shared the true reasons why they feel it's important to donate blood.

While most Green River students were pumped up about donating blood just so they could beat Rock Springs, others knew there was way more to it than a rivalry.

The whole purpose of the friendly rivalry is to encourage the students to get out and show school spirit by donating blood. Not only did the students who donated receive a free "Green River Wolves I Bleed Green" T-shirt, but they were treated to green-colored pancakes, cookies, juice, chips and other treats.

For MaryAnn Wright, all of this was small in comparison to why she chose to donate blood.

"I have had family members that needed blood and I thought it would be a great experience," Wright said.

Her grandfather had been in a terrible car accident and had to be in the hospital and then a rehabilitation facility for about five months. Wright said she was excited because he had just got done with rehabilitation this past week and seemed in good spirits.

This was Wright's first time donating blood, but she overcame her fears for her grandfather.

"I was really scared at first, but I didn't really feel anything. Just a small pinch," Wright said.

Wright, who's a junior at GRHS, said her first experience in donating blood went well and she will probably do it again.

For Skylar Johnston, he was donating for both the rivalry and because he knows people need it.

"My little brother was a premie," Johnston said.

Even though, Johnston's brother didn't need a blood transfusion, Johnston quickly learned while visiting his brother in the hospital that other children did need them and how much that must have sucked for that child to go through.

Wright said last year she wanted to donate blood, but was unable to due to a terrible snowstorm. She said there just were not as many spots available.


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