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Fire ignites at Red Feather


December 13, 2017

A chimney fire at the Red Feather Thursday night resulted in a portion of Flaming Gorge Way being closed off as firefighters extinguished the blaze, but resulted in little damage to the restaurant.

According to the Green River Police Department, the fire was originally called to dispatch at 7:22 p.m., with the Green River Fire Department responding with a ladder truck to fight the fire.

Chris Ortega said the fire started when a patron overloaded the fireplace in the Red Feather bar, causing flames to come out of the fireplace and climb up the chimney. Patrons fought the fire inside the bar using pitchers of water.

While patrons fought the fire inside, a person passing by the Red Feather alerted her bartender on duty about flames coming out of the chimney.

Ortega, who was told about the fire shortly after it started, arrived at the scene as firefighters were dousing the chimney fire.

“They got here pretty quick,” Ortega said.

Aside from some discoloration on the chimney itself, Ortega said the fire did not cause damage to the building or its interior.

While she admits she was frightened when she was told of the fire, she since has been able to laugh the incident off. She said the patron who accidentally caused the blaze was apologetic, with Ortega believing the person had to go through enough when explaining the cause of the fire to the GRFD.

“I’m not mad,” she said.


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