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Children enjoy building cars


December 6, 2017

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Braelynn and Leland Beck are excited to show off their blue and white VW, also known as the Vanagon.

Children not only created cardboard cars with their families, but they may have created lasting memories too.

Last Wednesday, children from both Green River and Rock Springs Headstart met at the Rock Springs Springs facility to eat snacks, and watch a movie in the cardboard cars they created. Students were treated to hot dogs and popcorn while they watched the movie, Erin Barbuto, Headstart Family and Community Partnerships Manager, said.

Prior to the movie, children were encouraged to build a car out of cardboard at home with their families. Cars of all makes, models and colors were ready to park in the drive in for the movie.

"When the kids came to the event with their parents, they were really excited about their cars, coming to the school at night for a movie, and spending time with their parents or whoever brought them," Barbuto said.

This program was part of the 1825 Club's activity. This club is a group for positive male role models, mostly fathers.

"1825 Club activities are a special invitation for dads to come and participate in something positive with their child," Barbuto said. "When dads are involved with their kids in a positive way, children are less likely to engage in risky behavior throughout their lives and are more likely to do well in school, have higher self-esteem, and to be more successful in many ways. Parents are their child's first and lifelong teachers and are in the best position to be a constant in their child's life."

She said it's important for children to have strong relationships with at least one adult, usually a parent, their resiliency to make it through difficult circumstances goes up dramatically.

"Warm family relationships help a child with their development and give them the best chance for being ready to learn," Barbuto said. "Spending positive time with children is a great way to build those relationships."

"Hopefully this will give families ideas of things they can do to spend fun times together. Working together on a project is a great time to have conversations, recognize skills and needs, teach new skills and make positive memories," Barbuto said. "It doesn't have to take money to build relationships with your family and that is one of the best investments of effort you can make."

She said the adults who participate in these activities are having a positive influence beyond their own families and they are being good role models for other children.

Barbuto wanted to thank Sonic Drive-in which donated $200 worth of hot dogs, buns, and the fixings, Broadway Burgers which donated 100 cardboard kid meal cars, Green River ACE Hardware which donated about 200 popcorn bags, and the Star Theater in Rock Springs which donated several movie posters.

About Headstart

Head Start is a free preschool for low-income or high-need families. Headstart currently serves 60 children in Rock Springs and 20 in Green River.

They accept applications throughout the year and currently have an opening in its Green River class. If someone is interested or has questions, please call them at 352-3430.


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