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By David Martin

Interim chief named at GRPD


November 29, 2017

An interim police chief has been appointed in the GRPD and many will recognize him for the years of service he’s given to the police department and city.

Tom Jarvie was recently sworn-in as the city’s interim police chief and will lead the department until a permanent chief is named.

Jarvie said he wanted to be a police officer when he was a small child, but admits to changing his mind once he entered middle school. After graduating from high school, he tried his hand at newspaper journalism at The Green River Star where his mother, Bessie Middlemas, worked.

However, with the area’s economy struggling, Jarvie decided to enter the U.S. Army in 1987. Leaving the army in 1991, Jarvie found an opening for a police officer in Green River and decided to apply. After driving a three-day journey from Ft. Bragg, N.C. to Green River, Jarvie was tested and eventually hired.

While he admits the excitement of the job was one of the aspects attracting him to it, he quickly learned the job wasn’t as exciting as he believed it would be. However, the challenge of the job, as well as its unpredictable nature of the role won him over.

Jarvie, who will celebrate 26 years with the GRPD Dec. 9, said the opportunity to help residents is what he finds most rewarding about his current position within the department.

“It’s my hometown ... I know most of the people here and I want to make their lives better if I can,” Jarvie said.

Jarvie worked his way up through the department, serving as its Patrol Lieutenant prior to being named interim chief. Jarvie has served on a number of boards, both as part of his employment at the police department and outside of it. He currently serves as a volunteer member on the board of directors for the National White Collar Crime Center, an organization dedicated to combatting economic and high-tech crime. He also volunteers for his LDS church.

Jarvie said he was interested in becoming the city’s police chief, but thought former chief Chris Steffen would remain in the position for much longer.

However, Steffen decided to accept a position at the Muley Fanatics Foundation earlier this month.

Jarvie said the interim position allows the city’s budget to catch up to paid leave and benefit payouts associated with Steffen’s retirement without the city needing to amend its budget for a new hire or promotion. Jarvie said he was interested in the interim position and was appointed by city administrator Reed Clevenger.

As interim chief, Jarvie wants to build stronger relations between the department and Green River’s residents. Jarvie also said he plans to apply for the position once the opening is posted.


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