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Employees to receive incentive

They must choose an option


November 22, 2017

Sweetwater County’s full-time employees will have something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving since the commissioners approved a one-time incentive.

The commissioners voted Tuesday morning to allow full-time employees the option to choose between a one-time incentive of $1,000, or a one-time incentive of $500 and two paid floating holidays.

The vote passed in a 4-1 vote, commissioners Randy Wendling, Reid West, Don Van Matre and John Kolb voted in favor, while Commissioner Wally Johnson voted against the motion.

Chairman West said the reason the commissioners are even looking at a one-time incentive or extra holidays off is due to the unanticipated sales-tax revenue that was generated. This unanticipated revenue is expected to be around $604,000.

Garry McLean, human resources director, told the commissioners full-time employees currently receive 11 1/2 days paid holidays off a year.

He also wanted to review what was done in the past.

In 2013-2014, the employees didn’t receive a Cost-of-Living Adjustment, but a one-time $2,000 incentive. In 2014-15, the employees received a 2.5 percent COLA, but no incentive. In 2015-16, the employees received a $1,500 incentive, but no COLA. In 2016-17, they did not receive a COLA or incentive.

McLean said the county currently has 226 full-time employees, one part-time employee and four employees whose salaries are paid for through grants. The five chief deputies and 12 elected officials will not be part of the one-time incentives.

He said the commissioners will also have to take into account the money requested from the Sweetwater County Sheriffs Office for additional positions.

With the floating holidays, employees would need to request the days off from their supervisor.

This will allow the county to remain open the day after Christmas and the day after New Year’s Day. All McLean asked was if the commissioners were going to make a decision, that they do it sooner than later because the holiday season is coming up.

Johnson said he just thinks the commissioners cut the sheriff’s department too deep and before giving out incentives that department should be adjusted.

Wendling also felt the sheriff’s department was cut too deep, but there are two or three other departments that have had cuts and have picked up the slack.

“I am very supportive of both,” Wendling said.

Van Matre wanted to thank the human resources department for coming up with two great options for them to choose from.

“Things in the past are done. I always look to the future,” Van Matre said. “This is something that’s workable for everyone.”

County employees will need to make a decision by next Tuesday as to which option they want to choose.


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