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Come on, use the poo bags


November 8, 2017

Dear Editor,

I’d like to express my thanks to the city of Green River for providing doggy poo bags and repositories. Many of our citizens readily use them. Unfortunately, some dog owners do not pick up after their pets. Hopefully, that will change as they see other owners being responsible.

In an effort to make a difference in my corner of the world, I have been carrying extra bags to pick up after those who don’t. Why? Because I, like so many others, enjoy our Greenbelt. We enjoy a clean area to walk our pets, meet people and enjoy what our city has to offer.

I collected two bags of poo left by others. I hope that changes. And I must say, the worst thing I have ever encountered were dirty diapers.

Yes, diapers left by people, stuffed under a bush. Disgusting.

A big thank you to the responsible citizens of Green River, I do appreciate those of you who clean up after your pets and kids.

Dawn Coyote

Green River


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