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By Stephanie Thompson
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Living the Green River food truck life


November 1, 2017

Stephanie Thompson

Kari Hubert puts on an apron before getting ready to serve customers at the Dancin' Dog food truck.

For one woman, owning her own restaurant was always something she thought she'd end up doing at some point.

However, she just might not have thought it would be in the shape of the Dancin' Dog food truck.

For Kari Hubert and her mother Terrie Taylor, opening the food truck was like a dream come true.

Hubert said she's always had a love of food and always knew she would own her own restaurant.

"I spend all of my time in the kitchen," Hubert said. "It just fits me. I like it there."

But when Hubert started looking into how much it would cost to run and own a restaurant, she started to look at other options.

That's when she and Taylor saw a food truck for sale.

"She's always wanted a food truck," Taylor said.

Why a food truck?

"It's cool. I love to cook and food trucks aren't that common around here," Hubert said.

In bigger cities, food trucks are more common and they are a culture all of their own. Hubert said eventually she'd like to see Green River have a bunch of food trucks gathering around together to sell food to people like the bigger cities do, but for now she and Taylor are happy doing what they love on their own.

Taylor said another great advantage to having a food truck is they can go to different places and meet different people. They are always happy to attend events upon request.

"It's fun," Taylor said. "We wake up happy."

Even though they are currently serving breakfast, hot dogs and brats, that's not what they plan on serving all of the time.

"We want to keep our menu fresh," Hubert said. "Try not to stay stagnant with the menu."

Hubert and Taylor decided to try their take on hot dogs and brats because Taylor said "Who doesn't like hot dogs?"

"Everybody loves them and this bread is so good," Taylor said.

Those ordering can have a choice between a regular hot-dog bun and naan bread, which is a type of flatbread and Taylor's favorite. It's not just her favorite though, one lady in town visits the truck almost every day and only orders the naan bread.

"We love the food truck business and our menus will change," Taylor said.

The location of the food truck changes about as often as the menu. Hubert said in order for people to find them, they need to follow them on Facebook under Dancin' Dog. They post the food they are serving that day, their hours and location. However, they do get a lot of business from people just driving by.

Recently, the menu included regular items like a brat or hot dog with sauerkraut, banana peppers, and mustard or a taco dog to more unusual items such as a banana, peanut butter and chocolate sauce dog or a macaroni salad and homemade teriyaki glaze and green onions on a dog.

"The peanut butter dog is like eating a chocolate candy bar on a hot dog," Taylor said. "It's good."

In the future, the ladies would like to incorporate more healthy options to the menu, including salads.

"I've never found a vegetable I don't like," Hubert said.

For now, the duo will stick with the dogs, but the menu will continue to change.

"We hope everyone comes and tries our delicious dogs," Taylor said.


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