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Exploring the pumpkin patch


October 25, 2017

Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Drew Hemphill takes a look at all of the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch on Mansface.

Colorful pumpkins of all shapes and sizes were what Green River students wanted to see.

Washington Elementary School kindergarten students from Danelle Burd and Lynne Crego's classes were captivated by how many beautiful pumpkins the Union Congregational United Church of Christ's pumpkin patch had for sale Thursday. Not only did the kindergarteners look at pumpkins, but gourds.

Upon arriving, church member Charla Harris spoke to the children about the two rules they must follow while visiting the pumpkin patch. The first rule -- no running. Harris said the pumpkins are on pallets that have nails and they don't want them to run into them. Also, the pumpkin patch is set up like a maze and kids could easily trip if they decided to run through it.

"You may touch, you may feel. You can look at the stems." Harris said. "You may not pick them up."

Harris then asked the children "What's the second rule?"

"Don't pick them up," the kids yelled.

Once Harris felt comfortable all of the children knew the two rules to follow, she divided them up into two groups. One group went into the church to conduct a science experiment and listen to a book, while the other group walked through the pumpkin patch looking at and touching the pumpkins.

During the science experiment, the students learned that all pumpkins float. It doesn't matter what size. Harris asked the children if they knew why they floated. The kids made several incorrect guesses. Then they said seeds and pumpkin guts.

Harris decided to give them a hint.

"What's inside a balloon?" she said.

All of the kids got a look of realization on their faces and their hands shot up quickly to say air.

"That's why even the tiniest ones float," Harris said.

Harris told the children to look inside of the pumpkin after they cut the top off before they carve it and see how hallow the pumpkin is inside. After the short program, the kids then got back on the bus to return to their school.


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