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Online school works for student and family


October 11, 2017

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For one 10-year-old Green River, completing her schooling online is something that seems to work.

Tranquilla Button, a fifth-grade student at Wyoming Connections Academy, started the online program at the end of last year and decided to continue this year because of the family's schedule.

"She has a sister who has a lot of doctor's appointments in (Salt Lake City) and they were missing a lot of school," Tranquilla's mom, Tiffany Kennah, said.

Before Kennah decided to enroll Button in an online school, she researched what was even available. This led her to the the WYCA's website where she was able to read all about the school.

"I wanted to make sure we were getting the curriculum I thought she needed," she said.

Button is doing well with the academy, which according to its website, is a tuition-free Wyoming online school for kindergarten through 12th grade students. The fully-accredited public education allows students to attend school from their own home.

"I get to go at my own speed," Button said.

Her favorite subject is math.

"It's challenging and I like to be challenged," Button said.

A typical day for Button, starts off like any other kid. She gets up, gets ready for the day and eats breakfast. Then, it's off to the computer for her lessons.

For about four hours Button participates in online classes, then she has about three to four hours worth of work to complete on her own before the next day's class.

Not only does Button receive books, but so does her parents. Kennah said the guidebook she receives is really helpful. It allows her to look up things her daughter might be struggling with.

Kennah said not only does the school provide text books, but a laptop for Button.

This allows her to take her school with her, whether she's at home or at the doctor's office.

"I've seen a change. A huge change," Kennah said. "She's more in control and she's engaged in it."

Kennah said for her family this online school has been really beneficial to them. She said it's challenging, but not too challenging that her child gets discouraged.

Kennah said whenever she or her daughter has had a question it's always been answered in a timely manner, whether that's through a phone call an email, or webmail.

Button has also noticed a change in herself.

"I can understand math and science better," Button said. "I don't have to wait for others. I can just go."

Kennah said her daughter still participates in activities with other kids and she even went on a field trip to a local painting place with other WYCA kids.


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