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Discover unique gardens, ponds


Residents needing ideas on what to do with their yards or those who simply want to enjoy some of the most beautiful gardens and ponds, won’t want to miss this year’s Green River Garden and Pond Tour.

The 21st tour is scheduled to take place July 29, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“The pond tour is a great way to see what can be done in our high desert climate.  Visitors will see a variety of plants that survive in our area as well as landscaping ideas using local materials,” Lyneen Murphy, Green River Pond and Garden Tour director said. “If your’re interested in a backyard pond this is the place to be. There are several garden homes with ponds of many sizes.”

This year, garden visitors can look for hidden fairy gardens, enjoy the sound of small and large ponds with or without water features and take in the unique garden ideas, plants or landscape designs. Murphy said garden visitors will also see residents takes on how to incorporate organic materials or personal items into a yard. Garden visitors are encouraged to bring their cameras and be ready to ask the garden owners any questions they might have about a plant or garden feature.

“Every home owner is anxious and willing to answer any questions visitors may have,” Murphy said.

Both the gardens in Green River in Rock Springs are unique in their own way. Murphy said some gardens have frogs, while others have koi swimming in a massive pond.

“It’s the only day where 13 home owners open their garden gates to the community to get ideas on planting and ponding ideas that are successful in our area,” she said. 

Something new to the tour is Riverside Nursery employees have decided to share their experience and knowledge on the art of xeriscaping.

While visiting all of the gardens and ponds, residents will have the chance to keep the memory going for someone who helped get the pond tour started more than 20 years ago.

Murphy said this year’s tour is in honor of one of the founding members, Toni Morgan, who died last Spring.

“Wiley and Toni are the reason Green River has this unique event,” she said. “The Morgans began the pond tour over 20 years ago by showing only a few gardens in the beginning.”

Each year the pond tour takes place, a raffle is hosted and money raised is given to a family or organization that needs it. This year, the raffle money raised will be used to purchase and plant a tree along the river walk in memory of Toni Morgan. Raffle money will also be used to purchase a plaque with Toni Morgan’s name on it to be placed by the tree. This raffle will take place during the tour and tickets will be sold at each home.

Items on the raffle include, a fire pit, blowup river raft, Monster High gift basket, ninja turtle basket and a gift basket from Sweetwater Trophy and Ponderosa Bar. Raffle tickets are $3 each or four for $10. Each garden home will have a raffle item on display and tickets ready to sell. 

Guides to the garden homes can be picked up at Riverside Nursery, the Green River Chamber of Commerce of the website 


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