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Our View: Flaming Gorge Days will be great


We’ve heard a lot of talk in Green River about how Flaming Gorge Days will be different this year, with a few pessimistic voices claiming it won’t be good because the events have been relocated to Expedition Island.

We think they’re dead wrong.

Yes, Flaming Gorge Days will be different this year than those hosted previously, but that doesn’t mean the event isn’t worth attending. The schedule of events is, as always, jam packed with excitement. There is something for almost anyone to enjoy.

The annual competitions, the three-on-three basketball tournament and four-on-four volleyball tournament, are always attractions worth watching. The basketball tournament itself is worth watching because three-on-three basketball was recently announced to be a new Olympic sport for the 2020 Tokyo games. In the past, the tournament has featured NBA players before they were drafted, so it isn’t too far fetched to believe a future Olympian will hit the hoops at Flaming Gorge Days before finding glory at the games.

The Flaming Gorge Days Parade is still going strong and well worth a person’s time. This is especially true for families looking for a fun way to spend Saturday morning. Floats, firetrucks and more candy than a kid would know what to do with, the parade is a great family-friendly outing. This year’s theme, “Back to the 80s” hopefully will bring out all the gnarly designs and fashion from the Decade of Decadence. If anything, it should make for an interesting discussion afterward, focusing on big hair, acid wash jeans and a time when MTV only played music videos.

While some may lament about the concerts not taking place at Stratton-Myers Park this year, Expedition Island is a great location and was the scene for concerts in the past. While different than previous performers, the lineup will no doubt be entertaining. Musical performances by the Spazmatics and American Dueling Pianos will continue a trend of great Flaming Gorge Days entertainment, while deviating from the formula and bringing comedian Sam Adams into the mix brings a welcome breath of fresh air.

Yes, Flaming Gorge Days will be a little different because concerts won’t be at Stratton-Myers or feature “big names” like previous years. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth attending or won’t be fun. With a combination of longtime activities and a new approach to the evening performances, we think Flaming Gorge Days will be another great weekend of fun for Southwestern Wyoming.


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