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GR book sale continues


March 29, 2017

Stephanie Thompson

Bill Hoyt looks through an art book which he purchased to donate to the Green River High School art department.

Two rooms were packed with books, while a few tables were filled with homemade treats.

This was the scene at the Golden Hour Senior Center Saturday during its Bake and Book Sale.

GHSC board chair Margene Chew was happy with how many visitors the center was receiving for the sales and she is hoping to see more people coming in this week.

"We've had a steady turnout," Chew said.

Although it looked as if most of the homemade goodies, including cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, cookies and breads, would be sold, there were still a lot of great books left for someone to claim.

"We're going to have a lot of books left," Chew said. "They will be further discounted."

Chew said those who were unable to attend the book and bake sale Saturday can still come into the center and look at books. She said it costs .50 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcover books. The center also had a lot of collectibles, including first-edition books, to sell.

GHSC volunteer Maria Milliken said volunteers looked up the collectible books on eBay to get an idea of prices and then they cut the price in half to sell them at the book sale. She said the books are really a good deal and a lot of them had sold.

However, Milliken said there are still quite a few nice books; and she would know since she had spent roughly 12 hours alphabetizing and arranging them for the book sale. Milliken said it was just something that comes natural to her since she's a former librarian.

When sale attendees weren't busy buying books or baked goods, they could be seen visiting with friends or looking at what the senior center had to offer.

Chew said it gave them a reason to look at the pool, craft and exercise rooms.

"There's been a lot of visiting," Kathy McCormick, GHSC receptionist and cashier said. "I love working here. I wish I would have started working here a long time ago."

Chew said residents can continue look at and purchase books through the rest of this week and the beginning of next week. All of the proceeds raised from the book and bake sale will go toward the activities fund.


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