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By Stephanie Thompson
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Man pled innocent to kicking pregnant woman in September


A man accused of kicking his pregnant girlfriend pleaded not guilty to one felony charge.

Hector Jaciel Perez-Villegas, 20, of Green River recently appeared in the Third District Court of Judge Richard Lavery at an arraignment to aggravated assault and battery.

If found guilty, Perez-Villegas could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

According to court documents on Sept. 18, 2016, a Green River Police officer went to Bridger Drive to check on a possible domestic violence phone call.

After arriving at the address, the officer overheard a male talking to a female in the apartment. The male who was later identified as Perez-Villegas, was overheard asking a woman, later identified as Lacey Perez “Remember that time when I kicked you?” He then said to Lacey “I don’t get this mad unless you (expletive) me off and that is exactly what happened.”

The officer decided to knock on the door of the home before things escalated inside. Perez-Villegas opened the door and the officer decided to interview the couple separately.

Lacey Perez told the officer Perez-Villegas had allegedly kicked her once while she was in bed, so she went to lay on the couch in the living room. Perez-Villegas followed her to the couch and allegedly punched her in the back of the head twice. He then allegedly kicked her in the left leg and left side numerous times with his bare feet.

The officer then interviewed Perez-Villegas who said the verbal argument was of a personal nature and whatever happened to Lacey had happened. He then said he was going to plead the fifth because in his experience nothing good happens when talking to police officers.

The officer noticed Perez-Villegas’ right foot was red in color, while Lacey Perez left side had a scratch on it and was red. She also had welts on her left side, which looked consistent with being kicked. This same officer also learned Lacey Perez was two months pregnant at the time of the alleged battery.


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