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By Stephanie Thompson
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Kids burn energy inside


Stephanie Thompson

Nathan Clement pushes a circular foam pad around the floor.

During the cold winter months, kids and their parents start getting cabin fever.

One way to alleviate this problem, at least for children six months to five years old, is to take them to one of the Kids in Motion programs at the Expedition Island Pavilion.

"It's just a place where you can interact with your children outside of your home environment," Green River recreation supervisor Katie Duncombe said.

With the weather turning cold these past few weeks, Duncombe anticipates the Kids in Motion program to pick up.

She said it's hard for residents to take their little ones outside when it's snowing, blowing and below zero.

Not only is Kids in Motion a good place for children to interact with one another, it's a great place for parents to meet other parents with kids their own children's ages.

Duncombe said children who attend the class can jump on a trampoline, try the gymnastic beam, bounce on the air tumbling track, play with blocks, crawl through tunnels or run up and down angled mats. They can also play various instruments, such as cymbals, tambourines, bells or maracas.

Of course, with any program attendance may vary. Sometimes the program has up to 24 children; while at other times only one or two attend. Regardless of how many attend, they children whether many or few seem to have a great time.

Duncombe said they work with other organizations in town to make sure their classes are available when other groups aren't having their toddler or story times. That's why the times vary.

This program takes place on Mondays from 11 a.m. to noon, Wednesdays from 10-11 a.m. and on Thursdays from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Kids in Motion will be closed from Dec. 26-Jan. 2 for the holidays.


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