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Our View: It's the season to spend at home


With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it’s easy to hop online and efficiently do all the shopping online. Spending a few hours and waiting for the delivery truck to drive by is less stressful, but who does that really help?

Of course Jeff Bezos,’s founder, would be benefiting through the additional business. Companies like UPS and Fedex do too, though the additional overtime their drivers receive could be both a curse and a blessing for them at this time of year.

The people who don’t benefit are probably Green River’s most important asset, its small business owners. What has Bezos done for Green River? Absolutely nothing. What have many of the small business owners done for our city? A whole lot more than they’re usually given credit for.

Small business owners are the people who support local athletics the most. They’re the businesses with the Green River High School Wolves’ prints leading to their front doors and the Knights logo painted on that same walkway. They’re the people who, when asked for donations to contribute to events sponsored by the city or Main Street, will freely give time or a couple of promotional products to help support the event. Main Street and the Green River Chamber of Commerce is made of many volunteers who happen to either own or work at Green River’s businesses.

They’re an important part of the community and deserve our support. Without the small businesses in Green River, our city would really be nothing more than a boring bedroom community.


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