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Letter: Trump knows what he's doing


Dear Editor,


Finally, some sanity in the White House!

Donald Trump is, by nature, a project manager, and a good one!

Proof: He hasn’t become a billionare in the business by being stupid Mistakes. Sure, it’s part of the price of being alive, but you don’t make the same error, repeatedly, while learning how not to!

In the PM business, either you’re good or you’re out of the business quickly!

The whole discipline suffers fools not at all! I know, having myself been a licensed professional engineer and a project manager for more than 40 years.

As a major skill learned in the school-of-hard- knocks along the way, one quickly learns what one is good at personally and what priorities dictate you have time for or don’t,versus what work to assign others, who have either more time and/or skills than oneself.

No one is good at everything! Face it and learn from it! Those who don’t, fade fast.

That’s what Donald and his crew are about right now. Picking a staff.

The successful PM learns early that friendship and competence are two different things, not (never, in fact) to be confused, one for the other.

To do otherwise, is inviting disaster!

Having a beer with a guy is one thing, but depending on that same person to competently do something he isn’t skilled at is quite another. Choose wisely! To do otherwise is sheer folly!

To this end, Donald, good luck! Your skills, learned over 70 odd years, will serve you well, I’m sure!

Harris Foster

Green River


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