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Letter: Lamenting the end of the Stratton Myers concerts


Dear Editor,


I was very disappointed to hear the Flaming Gorge Days concerts at Stratton Myers will be no more. I always looked forward to that weekend, which I adopted as my birthday celebration, since it always falls near.

The level of talent that it brought to this town was incredible! Some of the bands featured I had traveled to many other states to see. And some I’ve only been able to see hear in my home town.

Being a life long resident of Green River and 56 years old, the entire lifetime of the concerts were something that shaped many happy memories for me. Some of the weekends I attended both concerts, but for most of the time it was the rock night I enjoyed most. It seemed like more of a success than country night most times.

But I understand the burden of continually getting quality acts and not losing money.

As a traveler, when Green River is mentioned as my hometown, people might know of one of three things; the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, the Twin Tunnels, and Flaming Gorge Days Concerts. It’s sad to see one of those things gone forever.

Owen Morgan

Green River


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