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By Stephanie Thompson
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Seniors enjoy scavenger hunt


Stephanie Thompson

Phyllis Bignham, Corky Marx, Carmen Tune and Cleone Haughey found a basket full of goodies during the GHSC scavenger hunt.

Seniors were looking high and low to find out where baskets filled with candy were hidden.

On Friday the Golden Hour Senior Center hosted a scavenger hunt and costume contest for seniors into the Halloween spirit.

Activities and marketing director Summer Holdsworth said the seniors have had scavenger hunts before, but not like this one.

"I wanted to make this one a little more challenging for them," Holdsworth said. "It's proving to be. I'm loving it."

Holdsworth came up with a list of hints or clues for the seniors to follow. The seniors were tasked with looking for baskets filled with different kinds of candy on them. Each basket had a different number on it. The seniors had to match the number on the basket with the clue it belonged to on a sheet of paper.

"They're having a lot of fun," Holdsworth said. "It gets them up and moving around."

Each clue was assigned a specific piece of candy so Holdsworth would know whether or not a senior had visited all of the baskets.

The scavenger hunt was meant to last about 45 minutes. Some completed it around that time, while others simple gave up and turned their sheet in. The first and second place winners received $15 in Sweetwater County bucks. The rest of the participants each received a lunch ticket which was good for one lunch at the GHSC.

Those who were not participating in the scavenger hunt could decorate one of the many pumpkins left on the dining room tables.

After prizes were handed out to those wearing the best costumes, the seniors ate a special lunch, including witchy salad, zombie pie, vampire veggies, boo stick, goblin eyes and a spooky cookies.


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