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Getting crafty at GR senior center


Stephanie Thompson

Linda Chaston and Malinda Roundy discuss what the next step of the pumpkin-puff project is.

Pumpkins puffs and T-shirt bags were just a couple of items seniors were making in a new craft class.

For about the first time in four years, seniors have a craft class they can attend at the Golden Hour Senior Center.

The Let's Get Crafty class takes place every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in the craft room.

This past Thursday, seniors were busy making pumpkin puffs for fall decorations and T-shirt bags to carry things in.

"It's always a fun fall project. I've been doing it for 30 years," Theresa Stark said.

The ladies in attendance were taking a circular piece of cloth and sewing it.

Stark precut the fabric for the group. Stark takes a dinner plate or a bowl and places on the fabric face down. She then traces around it and cuts out the circles.

The fabric circles are then brought to the senior center where the ladies handsewn around the fabric. Then, they pull the thread together to make it come together. Next, stuffing is placed in the fabric, which is then shaped into a pumpkin form.

Once the stuffing and fabric resemble a pumpkin, the ladies take crochet thread and wrap it around to make it look like the creases of a pumpkin. Once this step is finished, they use hot glue guns to glue acorns, leaves and other decorations on top of the pumpkin creating the look.

The pumpkins the ladies were working on Thursday were meant as gifts for GHSC employees.

"It's fun to make something for someone," Stark said.

Another project a couple of ladies were working on was a T-shirt bag.

Bev McKinney said this project was inspired by Betty Brandon. She was always coming in and working with us and we started talking about how she has to carry a lot of things including groceries in plastic bags that are always ripping.

Another resident Gloria Culp heard this and searched online for an easy bag to make out of things people already have. She found the T-shirt bag idea and brought it to the group.

First, seniors were encouraged to take a T-shirt they were not going to use any more and measure 6 inches up from the bottom. Then, they measure 1-inch wide section across the bottom. They then cut one inch strips which will be tied at the end of the project.

Next they sewed up 6 inches from the bottom by hand so they could gather the bag at the bottom. Then, they cut off the sleeves of the T-shirt and cut about 2 inches from around the neckline. This upper area is for the handles.

Once complete, Brandon has a new bag to carry her groceries home; and this one won't rip.

"It's a real nice idea for anyone who wants to do it," McKinney said.


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