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By Stephanie Thompson
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Art takes another form


Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Brianna Page colors in her chalk drawing of a girl riding a unicorn.

Sidewalks at the Green River Recreation Center quickly caught the attention of anyone passing by.

From rainbows and flowers, to Minions, dragons, animals and robot drawings, children who participated in the annual Chalk it Up event showed their skills. Bright chalk drawings of various colors and subject matter could be seen in front of the building Friday morning.

Phoenix Sax was one of the many children creating a piece of sidewalk chalk art. He was busy making all sorts of shapes with various colors within those shapes. Sax said he didn't really have a plan, he was just drawing the shapes and coloring them in with whatever color he thought looked best.

Another chalk-art participant, Ethan Bundy, said he decided to draw a Minion from the "Despicable Me" movies because that is what came to him. Plus he really likes Minions. Bundy said he was having fun creating his Minion.

Down the sidewalk, was Ethan Guzman, who was competing in the 11-year-old age group. He was drawing a deer chilling out in the meadows. He made his scene take place in the middle of the night.

Guzman said the idea came to him because his family is big into hunting.

On a magical side, Brianna Page was busy drawing a girl riding a unicorn. Page said sometimes when she is not busy she draws horses in her notebook. She decided to turn her horse into a unicorn for the chalk-art event.

All of those who participated in the event received a certificate of participation and a ribbon. Some of the participants whose work stood out to the judges received trophies.

While children were coloring in their drawings, parents and other visitors would walk around looking at them.

Each person was careful not to walk on someone's drawing because they didn't want to smudge the work.

The event might have ended at noon, but the chalk art will remain on the sidewalks until it fades or it rains.


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