By Olivia Kennah
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Berg seeks GR Council seat


Arctic Circle’s manager, Robert Berg, wants to take his management and leadership skills to the city council to bring Green River a better future.

Berg served on the Green River Chamber of Commerce board for eight years and is currently serving his sixth year on the Green River Main Street Board.

Two years ago, Berg thought about running for council. He has gone in front of the council several times and being on the other side of it intrigued him.

He believes it is time to take his leadership to the next level.

“I truly care about this community. I’ve lived here for 40 years and I grew up in this town. Every job I’ve had has been on Main Street,” Berg said.

While serving on the boards for the chamber and Main Street, Berg has focused on economic growth, and he wants the opportunity to bring that to the council.

“I want to focus on better economic decisions to move toward economic development and tourism,” he said.

Berg also believes Green River needs to build a larger volunteer base in order to create a better community that makes the residents pleased to live here.

“Any great community starts with great volunteers. We need positive leadership toward volunteer groups,” Berg said. “I want to help citizens of Green River feel proud of the community they’re in like I did growing up here.”

Berg has managed Arctic Circle for 23 years and feels as though he has made a lot of positive changes there, as well as on the boards for the chamber and main street.

He has learned through his years of work and experiences that short-term improvements and quick fixes are not the answer for long-term success.

“I can’t do anything today to make this store run better today, but I can make changes today to run the store better next week, next month and next year,” Berg said.

“I want to help make decisions that will help the community in the long run and not just be up there to make decisions for tomorrow,” he concluded.


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