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By David Martin

Voters seek more absentee ballots


Voters in Sweetwater County are requesting more absentee ballots than they have in the past.

As of Friday, 378 voters have asked for the ballots, which will be sent out July 1. In previous election years, the county would have only received about 100 requests for the ballots by mid-June. Sweetwater County Clerk Dale Davis said he believes the increased interest comes from fliers inserted in residential water bills.

“I’m kind of surprised by the number of requests we’ve had so far,” Davis said.

Requests for absentee ballots typically wane during presidential election years. In 2014 and 2010, requests numbered 781 and 661 respectively, while requests during presidential election years totaled 414 in 2012 and 344 in 2008.

David thinks the ballots offer a more convenient way of voting for people who either have strict work schedules or have difficulties traveling to an polling station. He also believes it gives voters more time to make their decisions, as the ballots are not due to his office until 7 p.m. on election day.

Davis said absentee ballots are counted after the polls close. Davis said he wasn’t aware of an instance where absentee ballots were responsible for a candidate clinching an election, saying votes from absentee ballots don’t tend to side with one political party.

Also, Davis said safeguards are in place to prevent voters from submitting an absentee ballot and later going to their polling station to vote.

To receive an absentee ballot, a resident can call the Sweetwater County Clerk’s Office.

Residents have to be registered voters to receive an absentee ballot, which can be done by visiting their local city or town hall, the county clerk’s office in Green River, mailing a voter registration form to the county clerk’s office, or walking into their designated polling place on election day.

A driver’s license or state identification card are needed to register.

A voter registration form can be found online on the Sweetwater County website,, by placing the cursor over the Departments tab, then hovering over County Clerk and choosing elections.


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