By Olivia Kennah
Staff Writer 

Summer heat may bring brush fires


Summer is approaching, but with the rise in temperatures comes a rise in possible fire danger.

Fires need fuel to start and spread, and with the moisture the area has received recently, the plant life has had great opportunity to grow.

“It depends on how much water we get and how much brush grows,” Green River Interim Fire Chief Mike Liberty said. “The plants dry out with wind and heat, so if there’s no moisture, there’s an increase in danger.”

“We’ve gotten a little bit of moisture, so we’re good right now, but that could change, and it probably will depending on what the weather does,” Liberty said.

If moisture subsides as summer progresses, the wind and warm weather will cause the plant life to dry out, creating plenty of fuel for fires. It is however difficult to predict the level of danger for fires for the entirety of the summer because it is dependent upon the weather and the amount of moisture in the area.

Although the fire danger is not a major concern at this point in time, it is still important to follow safety regulations now and throughout the summer.


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