Daisy Scouts learn first aid

Little girls huddled close together, learning about first aid.

It was a learning experience for the daisy troop, listening to what Green River's emergency medical technician Becky Acord had to say. What they learned that day will help them earn their safety pin for the year.

Acord taught the Girl Scouts about first aid. They watched, listened, and then practiced what she taught them.

First, she explained to the kindergartners what she and other EMTs do.

"We will come help you if you are hurt," she said. "We make you feel better until we get you to the hospital."

She explained first aid is what someone should do when someone is the first person to find a person who is hurt or sick.

"If you've put on a Band-Aid before, you've done first aid," she said.

Acord said when one puts a bandage on where the skin is bleeding, it helps the body in the natural healing process.

"The body sends construction workers out to make a scab," Acord said. "That's your body's way of doing first aid."

Before putting a bandage on though, she said to wash the scratch or injury with warm, soapy water, then pat it dry. Then apply the band-aid.

"The band-aid helps the body form a scab and helps the healing process," she said.

Acord also taught the girls how to help someone who is choking, what to do in case of a fire, if someone gets burned, when to call 911 and what to say.

"I learned to only call 911 if it's an emergency," Scout Athena Clement said.

She told the girls if and when they call 911 in case of an emergency to say their full name, tell the operator what happened, where they are, and what the address is.

"It's important you stay on the phone," she said.

If they are at a park, she said to tell the name of the park and say if it's near their home address. She stressed to the girls to know their name, their home address and phone number. As part of their safety test, the Scouts will need to know and remember the information in order to receive their safety pin.


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