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It's happening again


Dear Editor,

America, we have a problem. It’s happening again, just like in the 2014 elections.

Headlines: “Iowa polls way off on Trump, suggesting soft support,” “Cruz’s unexpected victory exposed weaknesses in Trump’s unorthodox, personality-driven bid for the White House.” Wrong, wrong. The news media, polls, pundits, columnists and Democrats of all people, seem oblivious as to what is really happening. Donald Trump was at the top of each of the last 10 polls in Iowa and Trump is half right when he says Cruz stole the Iowa election. The Republican’s gerrymandering scheme that skews the elections is still working as planned and brought the election to Cruz. How long is media going to ignore this simple truth?

In the 2014 elections, all the polls, media and pundits weren’t wrong. The Republican gained control of the Senate and a greater majority in the House through gerrymandering voting districts (redrawing boundaries), around the country to favor Republican candidates. The 2014 election still has everybody scratching their heads as to how “do-nothing” Republican obstructionists pulled off such a stunning upset. The common denominator and guilty party in the GOP gerrymandering scheme is easy to figure out. “Almost every single” Republican congressman and senator now, is a religious anti-abortionist, including Ted Cruz. It wasn’t always this way. Republican’s have gained control of 900 state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats and control of Congress under President Obama thanks to their sinister but effective gerrymandering scheme. When is somebody going to do something about this political crime and does it come under Justice Department’s jurisdiction?

If you think these power mad and desperate Republicans will change their ways, you haven’t been following politics for the last 15 years. In their ignorance Republicans will destroy one of democracy’s basic tenets - fair elections - and not even realize what they are doing.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.


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