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By Lillian Palmer
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Food banks receive donation


In response to a recent article concerning a seasonal summer shortage at the local food banks, management at Tata Chemical’s Green River location decided to take fast action. Within 24 hours, a plan was made, logistical details done and the word was out to employees about their fast-action emergency fundraising drive for the local food banks.

They decided to do a cash-only fundraiser because cash goes further than cans of food, according to the food banks, Kim Genereux, supervisor of learning and development said.

The cash drive took place July 20-30. Genereux and other members of the committee manned a table in the company parking lot twice daily. On top of that, management did their part in the fundraiser as well, by hosting an auction among plant managers and employees for “premium” parking spots; parking spots closest to the plant building. Paul Peterson and other management staff donated their personal parking spots to the cause.

During that time, management and employees raised $10,530.

“That’s kind of awesome considering the quick decision and planning, and the number of employees; 500 active,” Kim Genereux said.

The $10,530 raised will be dispersed by check to four food banks within Sweetwater County and Uinta County. The dollar amount was divided among the food banks based on city populace.

The Food Bank of Green River will receive a check for $2,004.91.

The Food Bank of Rock Springs will receive $5,155.49. Bridger Valley Interdenominational Food Pantry will receive $1,684.80. From the Heart Ministries will receive $1,684.80.

“This will be an enormous help,” Kathy Siler, executive director of the Foodbank of Sweetwater County said. “It will help us get through the tough summer months. August gets pretty slim too so this will help with the month of August.”

Siler said she can double the value of the two bulk dollar amounts the Green River and Rock Springs food banks will receive. By ordering food through the food bank, the amount of food bought with the money can be doubled if not more. She can sometimes get cans of food for 18 cents to the dollar, she said.

“We live in a generous community,” Siler said.

Siler said the dollar amount raised and donated by the Tata Chemicals Green River plant employees will be enough for, if not more than a distribution in each town.

“Finally, we’d like to toss a friendly challenge out to the other mines, and industry overall, to help the food banks with their summer slump,” Genereux said. “If we can raise $10,530 with 500 employees, what can other companies raise?”


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