Summer reading in full swing at county libraries

Last weekend, the rain finally cleared and we saw the sun.

Is it safe to say summer is officially here? We certainly think so at the library and officially started the library’s summer reading program for children, teens and adults on Monday.

If you haven’t already, stop by the library and sign up for the reading program and learn about all the fun activities and events the library has planned to keep people of all ages busy this summer.

We have story times, middle school and high school activities, children’s events every week at Expedition Island, a professional ventriloquist, vintage western music, a medieval faire, an Edgar Allan Poe show and so much more. And, of course, we have is the opportunity to read for fun prizes and amazing giveaways.

Thanks to the Sweetwater County Library Foundation, every child who signs up for the library’s reading program this summer will receive a new book. The foundation sponsors many of the programs and events we all enjoy at the library, including many of the performers and special guests you will see at the library this summer.

The foundation recently completed a successful spring giving campaign.

The money generously donated by local businesses and residents will be matched dollar-for-dollar as part of the Wyoming State Public Library Endowment Challenge.

The money will be placed in a permanent endowment fund to benefit the library system for years to come.

A big thanks to all those who donated!

So what books are on your reading list this summer?

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. publicly released their summer reading list on Monday.

For the past 16 years they have put together a summer reading list for their wealthier clients as a “way to keep in touch with clients over the summer,” according to Darin Oduyoye, communication manager for J.P. Morgan’s asset management division.

Here are the three books I’m most excited to read from J.P. Morgan’s summer reading list:

“Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free,” by Hector Tobar

I remember following the Chilean Mine rescue when it happened. These miners spent 69 days trapped underground.

What an amazing story of heroism and fitting for the children’s summer reading program theme, “Every Hero has a Story,” and I certainly want to read this one.

“Rain: A Natural and Cultural History,” by Cynthia Barnett

Rain fascinates me. Probably because we see so little of it around here. Did you know the average rainfall for Sweetwater County is about 9 inches per year? That’s not much. And yet rain plays such an important role in our environment.

“The Wright Brothers,” by David McCullough

If I want to learn about American history I want to learn about it from David McCullough. He is the scholar of our time who has helped us better understand the Revolutionary War, John Adams, and President Truman and now the Wright Brothers. Well researched and well written, McCullough’s books are not something you read in an afternoon. They take some time, but are so worth it.

All of these books I’ve listed are available from the library as well as the others on J.P. Morgan’s entire summer reading list, which we will share on the library’s Facebook page.

Have you “liked” the library’s Facebook page at We use our Facebook page to advertise events and activities, share new services, recommend books, and more. It is the best way to keep up with all we are doing this summer not only at the library in Green River, but at all our libraries in the county. Here’s to a great summer with the library.


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