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By Jennie Melvin
URA and Main Street 

Notes from Town Square: URA/Main Street says thank you


Did you know that prior to 2011 there were two separate boards for the URA and Main Street agencies? The URA focused on design guidelines and reviews for construction within the urban renewal area as well as other planning and revitalization efforts. The Main Street Program focused specifically on the downtown district and creating events to engage the community and raise money for façade renovations. Both programs were complimentary to one another, so in 2011, the Green River City Council decided to combine efforts and create the URA/Main Street Agency.

Countless volunteer hours have been put in over the past decade by citizens of this community, some serving on both boards at the same time. Blood, sweat and tears have all been shed during this process and it is time to acknowledge the hard work that has gone into making this program what it is today. There have been a lot of rough patches, and starts and stops along the way and I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges to overcome in the future, but for now, the URA/Main Street Agency just wants to say “Thank You.”

In order to show our gratitude to the volunteers that have kept alive the vision of a vibrant downtown, the Green River URA/Main Street Agency will be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on May 15 at the Expedition Island Pavilion. Roughly 140 invitations were sent and we are expecting approximately 135 attendees. Guests can look forward to being served a lovely meal, as well as enjoying a live band. This truly is a celebration of all that has been accomplished so far, and we are looking forward to similar events in the future.

“Our nation will succeed or fail to the degree that all of us -- citizens and businesses alike -- are active participants in building strong, sustainable and enriching communities.”

--Arnold Hiatt, President, The Stride Rite Foundation

If you have any questions about the Green River URA/Main Street Agency, please contact Jennie Melvin at 307-872-6141.


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