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Letter: Post office could be helped


Dear Editor,

I want to respond to your article about snail mail slowing down and about the financial “crisis” of the post office.

1. The real reason the post office is in a financial “crisis” is because in late December 2006, someone slipped a poison pill rider into some fairly innocuous legislation which forces the USPS to prepay retiree health benefits 75 years into the future and it must be done in 10 years. This amounts to $5.5 billion that must be paid before anything else. Yes, $5.5 billion for employees who are not yet even born. What other business has this burden? Not one. It’s insane, but there it is.

2. In your last paragraph, you suggested that we can do is watch the mail get slower and less relevant. Wrong! You can call your congressional representatives and tell them that their experiment has failed. Wyoming mail needs to be processed in Wyoming!

Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis


Senator John Barrasso



Senator Mike Enzi



Thank you,

Toni Vinson

Green River


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