Just say no to turkeys

Sweetwater County School District No. 2 teachers were busy finding new and creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Harrison Elementary School first-grade teachers Phyllis Timmons, Teesa Yacco, Jolene Schnackenberg, Carrie Gross and Emily Sorensen came up with a unique way for their kids to think about the holiday. The students made turkeys with signs that said "Just say no."

Since turkey is what is traditionally served on Thanksgiving Day, students were encouraged to write a persuasive argument as to why someone should not each turkey and choose something else to eat on Thanksgiving Day.

One letter said "Do not eat turkey becus it wiell mack you go to the bathroom. Do not eat turkey becus you wiell get rele dyizye. Do not eat turkey." Another letter said "If you eat turkey you will froup in til it is sunset..." Once student chose another way to get her point across.

"Dont eat turkey. Git turkey of the manyow. Dont eat turkey because you will trn pink. They have a gros in tham. Dont eat turkey becus yor had wil grow becus thay hav fat in tham."

After the students finished writing their arguments, they gathered outside of the school for a quick photo.


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