Interest grows in mine park

Residents may see additional donations to the Mining Memorial Park near the green River Visitors Center next year.

Jeiremy Gomez, a member of the Green River Arts Council, said many companies are interested in donating equipment to the park. Gomez said QEP, an oil and gas company, plans to donate a compression station similar to the ones used to discover trona west of Green River 70 years ago. Gomez said other companies haven’t committed anything yet, but may plan to do so next year.

The park, located at the Thomas Moran overlook, currently hosts pieces of equipment used by the area’s trona mines. The pieces circle the parking lot used by the Green River Chamber of Commerce’s Visitors Center and include a face drill and shuttle car. The pieces are outdated, but provide a glimpse into how minerals are extracted from the earth.

“It’s great for the city and it brings people in off the interstate,” Gomez said.

He also added that the park creates a conversation piece for many people, including current and retired miners.

Other plans for the park include installing a statue depicting an older miner leading a younger miner out of a mine, titled “Shift Change.” The sculpture, created by local artist Bryan Cordova, was selected during Art on the Green in August. The walkways throughout the park will eventually be renovated as well. The arts council is initiating a fundraising campaign to install the statue. Bricks are for sale and can be personalized.

The mining park was one of the major goals for the Green River Arts Council when it was formed 10 years ago.


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