Crank seeks re-election in House District 18


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Tom Crank

Republican Tom Crank is seeking re-election to the Wyoming House of Representatives in House District 18.

Crank has served four years in the Wyoming House and has previously served six years as a Lincoln County representative on the Upper Green River Basin Joint Powers Water Board. He also has 38 years of experience in private engineering and land surveying, with 26 years of experience managing an surveying and engineering firm.

Crank supports efforts associated with COVID-19 relief funding in hopes it keeps Wyoming residents, health care, local governments, schools and businesses viable through the year.

Crank said the legislature will try to figure how to manage the huge budget shortfall. Cuts to the state budget will occur, but simply cutting services and taking money out of savings cannot make up for the shortfall. He believes shortfall will require means of increasing revenue.

"The hard decisions now need to be made," Crank said in his campaign announcement. "I think it is safe to say that Wyoming's funding model at the end of all this will be different."

Crank strives to diversity Wyoming's economy by fighting to keep mineral industries vibrant as well as look to additional manufacturing and tourism avenues to expand into. As agriculture faces challenges and pricing structures need to be better understood, Crank will work to ensure that producers receive fair compensation for their products. Minerals, tourism and agriculture built Wyoming's economy and Crank stands firmly that with the right help, it can thrive.

Crank's vision for Wyoming stands with an old motto, "Wyoming, forever west."

Crank also supports access to open land and land in public hands concepts. Crank believes wildlife crossings are a win-win for Wyoming. Highway safety is improved and wildlife herds are conserved.


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