By Lu Sweet
Western Wyoming Community College 

Walking through Western


December 18, 2019

I try to run to work ALMOST every day. I run in the hot weather and in the cold weather, the snow, the wind, the heat…I enjoy running although I don’t run all that fast. I would run every day but sometimes I need a car in the middle of the day, if I need to run an errand or if it’s my turn to pick up the little kiddos after school.

On days where I don’t get to run to and or from home, I try to run during a break at work. I am fortunate to work at Western where I can utilize the Wellness Center or run outside on the Running/Walking Trail on campus. Getting up from my desk helps me recharge, and I believe it helps me be more productive.

Obviously, not everyone enjoys running outdoors, or running at all. And some days my body tells me to find a different activity as well. That’s when I use the bicycles, stair climbing machines, elliptical machines or rowing machines in Western’s Wellness Center. I am also a fan of the swimming pool and hot tub in the college’s Aquatic Center.

My biggest source of working out however, is actually just accumulating literally thousands of steps walking while at work. I actually walk Western A LOT every day. My office is on one end of campus and I am somewhat far removed from the rest of campus.

Western Wyoming Community College is unique in that our main campus, for the most part is under one roof. If you have been up on campus recently, you have probably noticed this and may have seen many people (employees, students and community members) walking the hallways between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

What’s great is that while I am walking I have the opportunity to see the wonderful dinosaur display on campus, which includes FIVE dinosaur replicas. Western also has fantastic rock slabs and the Weidner Wildlife Museum. I have seen all of this several times and it never gets old! I can take stairs to the Hay Library if I want to (or I can use the elevator and avoid stairs when my knees are extra achy).

If you haven’t been up to Western in a while I encourage you to do so, but moreover, I encourage you to walk if you are able. According to almost any article you Google, walking increases heart and lung fitness, helps reduce risks of heart disease and stroke, can improve management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness and diabetes. It can also help with stronger bones and improved balance. Walking can help burn calories, boost energy level and improve moods.

Back to my running: It’s MY thing and while it may not be yours, it’s healthy to HAVE a THING that helps you recharge and refresh. Every time I run, I run up Grant Street and even though I prefer running on flat terrain, I run it. No, it never gets easier, but when I make it to the top, I am proud of myself for doing something hard and beneficial. I encourage you to do the same and find something you enjoy, and set aside 15-20 minutes a day out of your busy schedule to DO it.

Have a great day! Health matters!


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