Our View: GR needs a spring event


March 27, 2019

As our readers are likely happy to note, much of the snow that has accumulated in Green River during the past few months has mostly melted away. Local temperatures are warm enough during the day to enjoy a couple of hours outside without a winter coat, or even a light jacket.

This had us thinking about springtime in Green River and how residents should celebrate the end of a cold winter.

In Green River, there isn’t a public opportunity to celebrate the end of winter. Of course, springtime in Wyoming may bring the odd snowstorm as late as early May, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the coming of the warmer months.

One example could be a community soup lunch at Expedition Island, an event that gives people an opportunity to take a walk along the island walkway or down the Greenbelt on a nice spring day.

Another idea would be for the city to expand its the Arbor Day celebration into a day-long event. Local businesses could partner with the event and have gardening demonstrations and kids games to celebrate the coming of spring.

The reason we bring this up is Green River, as a community, comes together during public events. The city isn’t just a place to live during Flaming Gorge Days, River Festival or the Overland Stage Stampede Rodeo, it’s a vibrant community attracting visitors and allowing residents to enjoy an opportunity to breathe some fresh air and enjoy something that only comes along once a year.

As the Crystal Classic showed, residents are willing to come out and enjoy an event even if the weather is below freezing. Sure, the Crystal Classic focused on the artistry of ice carving, but a springtime event would help attract people to the city (and downtown Green River if hosted there).

As the Green River City Council starts to focus on its 2019-2020 budget, we would encourage at least some discussion about the city hosting an event during the spring.

It’s too late to do something this year, but we believe work starting now and culminating in late April next year could result in something everyone would be proud of.

Green River’s residents, as well as visitors from throughout the county, would likely support a day to say goodbye to the bitter cold of Wyoming’s winters.


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