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Boys swim takes 1st in Laramie


December 12, 2018

The Wolves swimming team took first place in the Laramie pentathlon and third in the Laramie relays.

Diving and assistant coach Rick Barker said the team traveled to Laramie and competed in relays Friday night and the pentathlon Saturday.

“These early meets are fun to get everyone going,” Barker said. “The kids looked really good and the times were solid. All in all, I was pretty pleased with the way the kids swam on Friday.”

In the pentathlon event, competitors swim in the 100-yard freestyle, 100-yard breaststroke, 100-yard backstroke, 100-yard butterfly and the 50-yard freestyle.

After the meet, Barker looked at the swimmer’s times who competed in the pentathlon last year and then compared those numbers to this year’s times.

“Ninety percent of the kids who competed last year improved in time,” Barker said. “The showing was real good for us.”

Barker believes the improvements in those times is from a combination of off-season workouts and more experience.

“We can’t be disappointed at all,” Barker said. “That’s a fairly tough meet. It runs pretty quickly.”

This weekend the Wolves will have the home-pool advantage. About eight teams are scheduled to attend the Green River Invite. On Friday the meet starts at 2:45 p.m. at the Green River Aquatics Center, while on Saturday the diving competition starts at 9 a.m. and the swimming competition follows. Some of the teams coming to Green River, include Sheridan, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South and Rock Springs.

Laramie relays

Kelly Walsh, 526

Laramie, 442

GRHS, 372

Sheridan, 175

Rock Springs, 174

200-yard medley relay

GRHS, team A, Michael Richmond, Jason Richmond, Trevor Moser, Dean Lyon 1:45.45

GRHS, team B, Gabe Davis, Devin Bobbitt, Dade Lucero, Riley Roberts, 2:15.48

From A10

500-yard free relay

GRHS, team A, G. Davis, T. Moser, Araya Finley, D. Lyon, 5:06.26

GRHS, team B, Tyler Luth, Jaxson McGee, Levi Westburg, Dylan Strange, 5:46. 56

400-yard medley relay

GRHS, team A, Elijah Craft, D. Lyon, J. Richmond, M. Richmond, 4:03.57

200-yard free relay

GRHS, team A, T. Moser, E. Kraft, D. Strange, M. Richmond, 1:41.37

GRHS, team B, T. Luth, McGee, Cole Gilmore, R. Roberts, 2:13.66

Boys 1-meter diving

Kayson Alejandro, 163.80

200-yard butterfly relay

GRHS, team A,Johnathan Clack, A. Finley, D. Lucero, T. Moser, 2:00.07

200-yard freestyle relay

GRHS, team A, C. Gilmore, T. Luth, J. McGee, Ashton Gries, 2:05.83

100-yard freestyle relay

GRHS, team A, J. McGee, G. Gilmore, D. Strange, L. Westburg, 55:04

GRHS, team B, R. Roberts, T. Luth, C. Gilmore, A. Gries, 1:01.32

200-yard backstroke relay

GRHS, team A, J. Clack, G. Davis, A. Finley, D. Strange, 2:08.71

200-yard breaststroke relay

GRHS, team A, D. Bobbitt, J. Clark, E. Kraft, J. Richmond, 2:13.54

400-yard freestyle relay

2. GRHS, team A, D.Lyon, E. Kraft, J. Richmond, M. Richmond, 3:31.48

8. GRHS, team B, A. Finley, G. Davis, D. Bobbitt, D. Lucero, 4:01.15

Laramie Pentathlon results

GRHS, 123

Kelly Walsh, 100

Laramie, 89

Cheyenne Central, 83

Cheyenne East, 70

Individual results

Michael Richmond, 4:00.45

Jason Richmond, 4:26.60

Dean Lyon, 4:42.52

Elijah Kraft, 4:47.93

Johnathan Clack, 5:06.25

Devin Bobbitt, 5:12.81

Trevor Moser, 5:13.12

Dade Lucero, 5:21.51

Gabe Davis, 5:26.35

Dylan Strange, 5:35.40

Araya Finley, 5:39.12

Levi Westburg, 5:50.55

86. Cole Gilmore, 6:01.84


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