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Station fire undetermined


October 10, 2018

It’s been about one month since a bin fire at the Green River Solid Waste Transfer Station took place and the city isn’t sure when the station will be up and running.

Public works director Mark Westenskow said he’s just waiting for the insurance company to process the claim so the building can be repaired.

Even though the Green River Fire Department firefighters kept the fire from spreading out of the bin, the heat from the blaze caused interior damage to the transfer station.

The facility was closed for a few days and still remains unused, however Wyoming Waster Services brought over temporary bins which were placed outside for residents to use.

“They are still open to unload vehicles,” Westenskow said.

Only loads that can be can hand loaded can be brought to the transfer station. This is just what will continue to be done until the building can be repaired.

The bigger loads will just have to go to the landfill in Rock Springs until the transfer station is functioning again. As to when that might be, Westenskow still isn’t sure.

The temporary bins have been working well.

“So far, go good,” Westenskow said. “It’s a little bit bothersome on windy days.”

Other than the process not being the best when it’s windy, Westenskow said hasn’t heard any other feedback.

GRFD Chief Mike Nomis the fire department’s investigators told Nomis the cause of the fire is undetermined. However, they did find a five-gallon metal bucket containing a liquid known to cause spontaneous combustion in the bin. The investigators believe this was directly related to the fire.

Since it was in a garbage bin though, it’s hard to say with certainty that this is what caused the fire, which is why it can’t receive a classification, Nomis said.

No matter how long the transfer station is down, it will not impact the residential or business pick ups they receive from Wyoming Waste Services.


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