By Pete Rust

Wolves take homecoming loss


October 3, 2018

David Martin

Anthony Mitchell makes some yardage during action against Jackson Friday night.

The No. 2 ranked and undefeated Jackson Broncos rolled into town Friday night, with the leading rusher in the state and proceeded to run 90 percent of their offense through their leading ball carrier. The Wolves were hard pressed to stop Jackson's rushing attack.

The Wolves as they have done all season played hard and had their moments on both offense and defense, but were not able to stop the big plays. Jackson, despite two on-side kicks recovered by the Wolves in the final quarter, were able to pull out the victory to remain undefeated.

The Wolves kicked to Jackson to start the game and after seven straight running plays the defense led by Seniors Anthony Mitchell and Anthony Johnson, stopped the Broncs and the Wolves took over on offense. The Wolves ran five plays and got two first downs, but their drive stalled when a pass was tipped and then intercepted, turning the ball back to Jackson.

The broncos then mounted a 10-play drive, nine on the ground culminating in their junior leading ground gainer Jeydon Cox taking the ball in for a touchdown. Though the extra point was no good, Jackson had the lead 6-0.

On the next series the Wolves took advantage of a short kickoff and went three and out and got an excellent 43-yard punt with no return from their sophomore punter Seth White.

The Broncs mounted a nine-play drive, once again with eight of the nine plays being runs which ended with a 2-yard carry in for the touchdown and the Broncs had taken an early lead after the extra point, 13-0.

The Wolves third series of the game went much better as sophomore James King ran twice for 8 yards each carry and a first down. After a short loss, Dallan Serrano picked up 11 yards on a quarterback keeper and the Wolves were on the move. King picked up another 4 yards on the ground and after a 15-yard helmet-to-helmet penalty against Jackson, sophomore Gabe Burdett got another 3 yards on the ground with Serrano taking it in the last 5 yards. The Wolves narrowed the gap 13-7.

King stared their next drive with some hard running before Serrano threw to White for a big gain. King the ran the ball four more times on the drive, with Serrano passing to Mitchell for a short gain, but a Jackson penalty added 15 yards. Serrano gained a couple more yards and the Wolves elected to go for a field goal by Erik Gwaltney and the Wolves had cut the lead to 13-10. The half ended with Jackson leading by three points.

The Wolves started the second half with an eight-play drive, but it stalled when the Broncs got through for a sack and the Wolves had to turn the ball back to Jackson on a punt. Jackson mounted a long drive of their own, which ended 16 plays later with a 4-yard run for a score. The two-point conversion try was no good and the score was Jackson 19-10 over the Wolves.

Green River mounted a short drive, but after the quarter ended Serrano was sacked on a blitz by Jackson and the Broncs got the ball back, going into the forth quarter 19-10.

Jackson then turned the ball over to their leading runner, who carried the ball for more than 50 yards in the drive, including the touchdown run a two-point conversion run to up their lead to 27-10.

The Wolves ran four plays, but Jackson's defense stiffened and the Wolves again turned the ball back to the Broncs on a failed forth-down attempt.

Jackson took the ball and scored in six plays. The Broncs' running attack was wearing down the Wolves as Jackson scored again to up their lead to 33-10, after the kick was missed.

Despite the big lead in the forth quarter, the young Wolves were not giving up. Serrano started the drive with a pass completion to Anthony Johnson for 20 yards. With another 15-yard penalty on Jackson, the Wolves had good field position. Serrano then threw to Johnson with a strike for 14 yards, with Johnson making a nice run after a great catch.

Serrano then took the ball into the endzone on a quarterback sneak. The Wolves attempt to go for two was no good, but the Wolves had closed the gap to 33-16.

Green River's attempt of an onsides kick was successful as the Wolves recovered the ball at midfield. King picked up 11 yards, thenSerrano hit White for 21 yards. Serrano then hit White again for a 9-yard gain and King picked up 12 yards. Serrano again took the ball in on a quarterback sneak and the Wolves narrowed the gap to 33-23, after the kick by Gawaltney was good.

The Wolves again attempted an onside kick and again they recovered the ball, but time was running out. Several pass plays were close, but incomplete -- the game ended when pressure by Jackson led to an interception. The game and the valiant attempt at a come back by Green River ended.

Coach Marty Wrage said they will continue to improve each week. He said Jackson ran the ball with to much success, but liked the effort his team showed and the improvement of their special teams play.

The Wolves travel to Evanston next week, a team Wrage notes has a strong running game and an aggressive defense.


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