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Swimmers take top spot at home


September 19, 2018

Stephanie Thompson

Lauren Jensen swims the backstroke as fast as she can during the 200-yard medley relay Saturday morning.

The Lady Wolves swim team took advantage of the comfort a home pool can offer and came out on top.

The Green River High School Lady Wolves swimming team didn't have far to travel this week when they went to Rock Springs Friday and on Saturday they were at home.

Head coach Colleen Seiloff said the Lady Wolves always seem to swim better at home and with them taking first at the meet it only confirmed what she believes. The Lady Wolves finished in front of the other eight teams at the event. With a season filled with over-the-road trips, it was nice for the Lady Wolves to be at home. They also finished first at the Rock Springs invite in front of three other schools. Last weekend, the Lady Wolves traveled to Laramie and then Cheyenne to compete.

"I feel good about it. There were some teams that had some girls missing," Seiloff said about the Cheyenne South meet. "Our girls were right with the pack. I'm feeling good about it."

Grabbing second in Cheyenne was a good, strong finish, she said.

As for the Laramie duel in the pool last Friday night, the Lady Wolves didn't do that well.

"They were pretty tired," Seiloff said.

She said the Lady Wolves had worked out that day and it showed that evening during competition.

"They didn't do as well as they wanted to Friday night," she said.

Laramie is one of the strongest teams in the state this year, Seiloff said.

The Lady Wolves will be traveling the rest of the season. This week they will travel to Evanston and Big Piney.

Green River results

GRHS, 299

Kelly Walsh, 264

Lyman, 201

Rock Springs, 191

Evanston, 125

200-meter medley relay

GRHS Team A: Lauren Jensen, Hailey Uhrig, Lauren Lee, Ashley Jensen, 1:55.12

200-yard freestyle

Sydni Sanders, 2:07.30

4. A. Jensen, 2:16.12

5. Adrienne Merrick, 2:16.89

200-yard freestyle

5. Kaycee Olsen, 2:43.20

50-yard freestyle

L. Jensen, 26.22

L. Lee, 27.30

Alexa Lauze, 27.91

H. Uhrig, 28.01

100-yard butterfly

L. Jensen, 1:03.89

100-yard freestyle

A. Lauze, 58.95

A. Jensen, 1:02.31

10. Jarin Mandros, 1:04.09

500-yard freestyle relay

Lillian Munoz, 5:53.32

200-yard freestyle relay

GRHS Team A: S. Sanders, A. Jensen, L. Lee, L. Munoz, 1:48.62

100-yard backstroke

L. Lee, 1:12.70

K. Olsen, 1:14.97

Sarah Foerster, 1:16.85

100-yard breaststroke

H. Uhrig, 1:08.67

L. Munoz, 1:12.54

400-yard freestyle relay

1. GRHS Team A: S. Sanders, A. Jensen, L. Jensen, A. Lauze, 4:01.84

Rock Springs results

GRHS, 415

Lyman, 293

Rock Springs, 29

Kemmerer, 8

200-meter medley relay

1. GRHS Team A: L. Jensen, H. Uhrig, S. Sanders, A. Jensen, 1:55.09

200-yard freestyle

Madi Young, 2:15.20

A. Merrick

Emily Foerster, 2:37. 72

Delaney Gardea, 2:40.54

200-yard individual medley

A. Lauze, 2:29.64

A. Jensen, 2:35.75

Cherylann Mortiz, 2:41.78


S. Sanders, 26.62

K. Olsen, 28.00

A. Lauze, 28:05

Patience Bentley, 28.50

100-yard butterfly

L. Jensen, 1:04.63

L. Munoz, 1:10.66

J. Mandros, 1:14.43

H. Gavin, 1:31.56

100-yard freestyle

L. Lee, 59.43

P. Bentley, 1:07.86

500-yard freestyle

A. Jensen, 6:01.76

C. Mortiz, 6:31.84

J. Mandros, 6:59.37

Kelcee Seiller, 7:47.35

200-yard freestyle relay

1. GRHS Team A: S. Sanders, L. Lee, A. Jensen, L. Jensen, 1:47.48

100-yard backstroke

M. Young, 1:10.68

H. Uhrig, 1:12.69

K. Olsen, 1:13.66

S. Foerster, 1:18.37

100-yard breaststroke

H. Uhrig, 1:11.12

L. Munoz, 1:11.84

L. Jensen, 1:27.02

L. Lee, 1:28.85

400-yard freestyle relay

1. GRHS Team A: S. Sanders, L. Lee, K. Olsen, A. Lauze, 4:05.34

Laramie results

200-meter medley relay

1. GRHS Team A: L. Jensen, H. Uhrig, L. Lee, A. Jensen, 2:00.03

5. GRHS Team B: Emily Reyes, L. Munoz, Cherylann Mortiz, Patience Bentley, 2:09.69

200-yard freestyle

4. L. Lee, 2:09.43

7. S. Sanders, 2:10.93 c

8. A. Lauze, 2:11.33

200-yard individual medley

3. L. Jensen, 2:27.27s

5. H. Uhrig, 2:34.69

8. Madi Young, 2:38.88

50-yard freestyle

7. E. Reyes, 28.09

8. K. Olsen, 28.20

9. A. Jensen, 28.21

100-yard butterfly

6. M. Young, 1:10.16

7. L. Munoz, 1:10.37

10. C. Mortiz, 1:14.56

100-yard freestyle

5. S. Sanders, 1:02.11

6. K. Olsen, 1:03.58

7. E. Reyes, 1:04.96

500-yard freestyle

2. A. Lauze, 5:45.03

3. L. Lee, 5:45.26

8. Adrienne Merrick, 6:44.36

200-yard freestyle relay

4. GRHS Team A: A. Jensen, L. Munoz, L. Lee, S. Sanders, 1:50.09

6. GRHS Team B: P. Bentley, H. Uhrig, K. Olsen, A. Lauze, 1:56.80

100-yard backstroke

2. L. Jensen, 1:05.66

8. C. Mortiz, 1:14.86

9. Sarah Foerster, 1:16.15

100-yard breaststroke

1. H. Uhrig, 1:11.89

2. l. Munoz, 1:13.09

6. Merika Moffatt, 1:29.93

400-yard freestyle relay

2. GRHS Team A: K. Olsen, A. Jensen, L. Jensen, S. Sanders, 4:05.01

3. GRHS Team B: A. Lauze, E. Reyes, A. Merrick, M. Young, 4:24.36s

Cheyenne Invitational

1. Laramie, 279

2. GRHS, 191

3. Cheyenne Central, 163

4. Thunder Basin, 148

5. Campbell County, 130

200-yard medley relay

1. L. Jensen, H. Uhrig, L. Lee, A. Jensen, 1:56.30

200-yard freestyle

6. S. Sanders, 2:08.61

9. A. Lauze, 2:09.86

200-yard individual medley

4. L. Munoz, 2:27.98

5. H. Uhrig, 2:30.05

13. C. Mortiz, 2:42.87

50-yard freestyle

12. A. Jensen, 28.03

100-yard butterfly

3. L. Jensen, 1:04.99

5. L. Lee, 1:07.16

100-yard freestyle

7. S. Sanders, 59.87

500-yard freestyle

3. A. Lauze, 5:38.69

5. L. Lee, 5:51.28

12. M. Young, 6:15.13

200-yard freestyle relay

2. GRHS Team A: L. Munoz, K. Olsen, A. Jensen, S. Sanders, 1:50.03

100-yard backstroke

4. L. Jensen, 1:05.05

100-yard breaststroke

2. L. Munoz, 1:11.60

400-yard freestyle relay

4. GRHS Team A: L. Jensen, L. Lee, A. Lauze, S. Sanders, 3:57.43


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