By Tom Gagnon
Guest Columnist 

The growing U.S. resistance


December 27, 2017

Winning enough electoral votes to make Trump president was completely unexpected. It was shocking and awful in every way. Within hours, however, a concept calling itself “The Resistance” formed.

Even here in conservative Wyoming, this resistance, this awakening, has been impressive. This has been good until now, but it’s time to ratchet things up to “The Revolt.”

The goals of the Rebellion should be:

1. The removal of Donald Trump as president.

2. Put all major legislation, such as related to “tax reform”, and the size of national monuments, on hold.

3. Void and nullify the federal elections of 2016, and hold new, Russian-free, elections very soon.

4. The Electoral College needs to be eliminated.

5. We the people need concrete steps to revolt.

Regarding Trump, we don’t let babies play with razor blades, and Trump absolutely cannot be allowed to have any control over our nuclear weapons; he has a temperament problem. Trump approves of police brutality and torture. He cares nothing for the rule of national or international laws, norms, and justice, the U.S. Constitution, or the lofty ideals of our Founding Fathers, when they were at their best. He is also causing us to lose allies. We are becoming a pariah nation, sort of like North Korea.

His Education Secretary’s plans could leave large blocks of our citizens illiterate. His Justice Secretary’s plans will likely lessen states’ rights, for example, by ending the legality of marijuana in many states. His EPA Secretary is gutting laws supporting cleaner air and water. We the People should be ashamed of our lack of gratitude toward the all-inclusive public education system that we have, our justice-defending courts, and the environmental laws that have been enabling people to live longer and healthier lives.

Regarding the Republican tax proposal, people across the country, and here in Wyoming, will likely see massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits, dirtier air and water, and fewer consumer protections, in order to help pay for part of it. Other sources of money, to aid our poor top “One Percenters,” will likely come from the sale of our public lands, and by drilling for oil and gas in national parks. Finding out about these things could become difficult, beyond what we can individually see, without the free press that Trump seems bent on eliminating.

If we are the world’s most “advanced” democracy and technological nation, we ought to be able to hold free and fair elections, without outside interference, and we ought to be able to count the votes quickly and accurately. There should never be voter suppression. Representative districts should be drawn by a partisan-free entity. The 2016 elections were conducted deplorably in every way. They need to be canceled out and redone.

The Electoral College has failed two times in sixteen years to do an important part of what it is supposed to do, namely, prevent an unqualified person (in 2016) or a less qualified person (in 2000) from becoming president.

Steps to take to Revolt can include finding people who voted for Trump but regret it now. There are many of these people. We must encourage them to publicly announce their changed minds, and perhaps write letters to the editor, or write about their experiences online, talk about it, or ask to go on radio or TV programs.

All of us must contact our Washington delegations and insist that they vote to impeach Trump.

Signs and graffiti and protests can help.

We should also prepare ourselves for violence. The diehard Trump supporters are probably about one third of the nation, and many of them are heavily armed NRA types. When Trump is dragged out of the White House in a strait jack, or in a coffin, they are not likely to take it calmly. At least some of them will go totally nuts. We must protect ourselves, and neutralize them.

It’s going to be a rough Christmas, and perhaps not too merry. Trump has brought this upon himself; and by extension, upon all of us. If we are to continue as a democracy, and to remain a significant global economy and powerhouse, we must take this very seriously. History is full of empires that have risen high and fallen low, and it’s usually from internal rot, not from external enemies. I paint here a pretty bleak picture, but I’m just recording the scene, and it’s of Trump.


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