By Sarah Sullivan
Green River Recreation Center 

Notes from Town Square: The importance of pool safety


November 29, 2017

It is said that human beings are 70 percent water.

With water playing such an integral role in our very being, would that not include a dip in the pool? With an amazing pool right here at the Green River Recreation Center, getting out for a swim or merely to splash around can not only be a great teaching opportunity for parents to explain just how to be safe in and around water, but it can also help incorporate exercise or a workout through play.

Speaking of water safety, there are many safety topics that parents can discuss with their children. One is having a buddy when swimming in order to help bring attention if one is in need of a rescue – this is coined as “swim in pairs near a lifeguard chair.” Another good safety topic that parents can discuss with their kids is “reach or throw, don’t go” which means that if someone is having trouble swimming, no one should ever go in after them because they can push the good Samaritan under.

Instead, they should always grab something such as a tube or even a noodle and reach it out to them to help.

This can be turned into a fun game as noodles can be provided and parents can take turns saving kids by gently dragging them to the wall of the pool and vice-versa. Another aspect of water safety is teaching them to be comfortable with the water and boosting their water confidence by learning how to swim, which is an incredibly important life skill.

In addition to learning pool safety, the health benefit of swimming as a form of exercise is another reward.

Studies show that swimming burns more calories than any other activity as it is a full body workout, all without really knowing it because of buoyancy.

Buoyancy allows for time spent in pools to be therapeutic for knees, joints, or other places on the body. The pain generally associated with movement and the pounding impact of some other forms of exercise shouldn’t be present in water.

This means that no one has to be left out and everyone can benefit from all of the great things that swimming can provide.

So - take a dip, swim, splash around and have fun! If you are interested in our open swim or lap pool times, taking group or private lessons, or looking to take a low impact water aerobics class, please stop by the front desk of the recreation center and inquire about the memberships, classes, and lessons available to help you stay healthy and fit.

We’ll see you in the pool.


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