By David Martin

Pallets stolen from Green River church


For the third time in three years, wooden pallets used by the Union Congregational Church were stolen Friday night.

Duane Kerr, a representative for the church, said the pallets were used for the church’s annual Pumpkin Patch fundraiser. Of about 130 pallets stored at the church, only about 30 remain.

Kerr said a member of the church living nearby contacted the Green River Police Department after observing suspicious activity near the back of the church.

He said the caller was able to provide detailed descriptions of the two vehicles involved with the theft.

By the time officers arrived however, the thieves, along with most of the church’s pallets, were already gone.

Kerr believes whoever took the pallets knew the nature of their activity as bulbs inside lights installed near the pallets were removed.

Kerr said the church needs 120-130 pallets for its annual Pumpkin Patch, which brings visitors from Rock Springs and the Bridger Valley as well as residents from Green River.

“It’s a good fundraiser for the church,” Kerr said.

Kerr said the church won’t seek wooden pallets until late September, fearing another theft should more get donated through the summer.

He’d also like people to be more mindful of the church’s property.

“We’d like people to be a little more respectful of what we have,” Kerr said. “If anyone knows of people bragging about getting a bunch of pallets for a fire, call the police.”

People with information about the theft can contact the GRPD at 872-0555.


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