By Stephanie Thompson
People Editor 

Seniors enjoy laid back pool playing


Stephanie Thompson

Ray McLain takes his time to line up the shot before striking the cue ball.

It was a quiet Friday morning at the Golden Hour Senior Center's pool room.

Usually, one could here the sound of men joking with each other and laughing before entering the pool room.

For some reason, whether it be the weather or that the guys playing pool were tired, it was quite in the room.

Every once in a while, the sound of the cue ball striking another ball could be heard.

Usually the men are heckling each other, but they were quite subdued.

Occasionally, one player would tell another player "good shot."

A couple of the men playing pool that morning where Jack Edwards and Ray McLain.

Edwards would call his shots. Sometimes he'd make them and sometimes he wouldn't.

McLain was having better luck at the game, however, Edwards joked that he better since he's been playing for 60 years.

"We had a bumper pool table in the basement," McLain said about his childhood.

Edwards claimed he had only started playing pool since 8:30 a.m. that morning, but based on his pool-playing abilities that was probably a joke.

"At least I got one shot anyway," Edwards said to McLain.

"And you used it wisely," McLain replied.

Edwards usually racked up the balls, while McLain would survey the table.

After the balls were racked, McLain would place a small square cloth on the table, put the cue ball on it and line up his shot. When he the cue ball struck the balls, there was a loud crack and balls were rolling all over the table. McLain would look and see which balls went in and then pick solids or stripes.

Edwards and McLain continued to do this for several games, until they were tired knowing they could also play again on Monday.


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