By David Martin

Morning running club wraps up the season


David Martin

Todd Fowler gets a good stretch in before joining his friends on a Thursday morning run.

While most kids are still preparing for their day at school, a few motivated children are jogging along with friends at Jackson Elementary School.

Jackson Elementary School's running club attracts dozens of students before school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The club has existed for about four years.

The runs take the group from the elementary school to nearby locations, such as the bridge to FMC Park. The first club meetings focused on sprints and stretches in a grassy field on school grounds.

John Pawleska, one of the club organizers, said watching the kids sprint gives him a lot of information about how they run.

"It more or less gets them used to running," he said.

Once the run starts, some of the kids become very competitive and playfully tease each other about not being able to keep up. Pawleska said one kindergardener makes it a point to outpace him during their runs, speedily running towards the front of the pack.

The packs are managed by a small group of adults who place themselves at the back, middle and front of the pack to ensure the kids don't wander away from the group.


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