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Dance could leave lasting impression


April 19, 2017

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Brooke Millemon and Joe Barbuto play their accordions for the Head Start formal dance.

Head Start students and their families had a great time at a formal dance hosted just for them.

On March 30, Head Start hosted a formal dance in Rock Springs for all of its students and more than 50 adults and 70 children attended the dance, Head Start employee Erin Barbuto said.

For two hours, the group danced to music from accordion-playing volunteers Brooke Millemon and Joe Barbuto.

"Each year, we hold a family dance to help families have a fun time together and to focus on the importance of music and movement for a child's development," Erin said.

Over the years, Head Start has hosted many types of dances, including sock hops, 80s, luaus and barn dances.

"Last year, we had a more formal dance and parents and children said that they loved having a chance to dress up in their fancy clothes," Erin said.

"Each year, a parent committee determines what type of dance to hold, and this year our group decided to have a formal dance again."

Not only did the families get to dance, but they got to have refreshments including chips and cheese dip, barbecue meatballs, piglets in a blanket, sherbet punch, fruits, vegetables and a variety of cookies.

"There are a few reasons this was such a great event. For one thing, this was an activity for the whole family to attend together. By dressing up and making it special, it was an opportunity to make lifelong memories as a family," Erin said. "When families strengthen their good relationships, it helps children be more resilient, be more ready to learn, and to generally be happier and healthier. It was also an opportunity to hear live, local music." 

The event seemed to have a lasting effect on the families.

"We had a great response and lots of fun at this event," Erin said. "Parents and children are still talking about the great time that they had."

"The purpose of Head Start is to help children and families be successful. This is generally achieved by helping children be ready for kindergarten and helping parents have the skills and support they need to be their child's first and lifelong teacher," she said. "Programs like this help parents in their role as a loving caregiver and teacher to their child, and provide opportunities for families to have a good time together."

About Head Start

Head Start is a free preschool and family services program for low-income families.  Head Start is a federal program with classes all across the United States. Head Start serves children who are three or four. Not only do children receive excellent preparation for kindergarten and beyond, but Head Start is also a help for the whole family.

To participate in Head Start, a family must meet the qualifications. Head Start is designed to serve families who are having a hard time financially or have other high needs such as a family that is homeless or a child is in foster care or someone in the family is on SSI. There are classes in both Rock Springs and Green River.

Head Start is taking applications for the coming school year for both Rock Springs and Green River classes. For more information, please call 352-3430 or come by 625 Ahsay in Rock Springs.  


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