By David Martin

District targets e-cigarettes


The Green River school district is targeting e-cigarettes and vaporizers in a series of amendments to school policies.

Last night, the district’s board of trustees approved amendments to the school’s athletics handbook and its suspension and expulsion guidelines to include the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. A third amendment to the student conduct guidelines was voted down by the board in order for its language to match up with language used in the other two amendments. The amendment will be brought back to the school board for a vote next month.

Specifically they forbid the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, regardless of the substance inside the vaporizer, amongst students. The athletics update forbids use by athletes on and off school grounds. Jason Fuss, the district’s human resources manager, told the board the changes were brought about to help keep up to date with technology and to address pass issues the district has had regarding vaporizers. Prohibiting the use of vaporizers, regardless of their content, was brought about to save the district the hassle investigating specific vapor substances.

“The district does not want to be in the business of investigating what was in the e-cigarette,” Fuss told the board.

For athletes, the amendment means possession of a vaporizer, regardless of if it’s on or off campus, is a major violation. According to GRHS’s student handbook, use of an e-cigarette is comparable to alcohol and tobacco use and is considered a severe offense.

A 21-day activities suspension is imposed and multiple offenses can result in additional days added to the suspension, up to one year.

Board member Steve Core initially questioned how far the school should go in policing students off school property. Athletics Director Tony Beardsley said the activities handbook does cover behavior off of school grounds. After the activities amendment was approved, Beardsley said he intends to move forward and discuss the change with athletes participating in winter season sports immediately to make sure the student athletes are aware of the policy change.


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