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By Stephanie Thompson
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Students donate blood


Stephanie Thompson

Sage Yost waits patiently for her turn to donate blood.

Last Thursday, the Green River High School auditorium was transformed into a blood donation center.

United Blood Services employees were on hand to help with interviews and blood donations, while GRHS Student Council members were busy getting people to where they needed to go.

With the blood drive taking place at the high school, there were a lot of first-time blood donors in the chairs. Some embraced the new experience, while others just cringed and looked away as the needle went in.

Junior and first-time donor Autumn Holmes said she was ready to donate because it goes to a good cause.

"I wanted to do two pints, but I didn't weigh enough," she said. "It does go to a good cause and to beat Rock Springs, which is also a good cause."

"I finally took the initiative to do it. I just always forget to get the permission slip," Hope Frey, another first-time donor, said.

Frey said her mother has always donated blood, and seeing her do that has made her want to do the same.

"It's not that big of a process for the benefit," Frey said.

GRHS senior class president Claudia Reyes said they made sure to inform the students about the upcoming blood drive. They also asked for permission to sit outside of Smith's to talk to residents as well.

Student Council member Hailey Waterson said council members sat at Smiths every day the week prior to the blood drive. Waterson was happy with how well the blood drives did.

"We were packed the whole time," Waterson said. "Our community is really involved in the things the high school does. It feels awesome. Without them we wouldn't be able to win the last (three) years."

A lot of community members donated at the community blood drive, however, there were still spots available for those who were unable to donate then.

"They understand that is saves lives and can do it when they are older," Waterson said.


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