By Lindsey Travis
Sweetwater County Library System 

Don't have time to read? Try an audio book


So many books, so little time, that’s what I think about when I glance at my “To Be Read” list. I read a lot, but the problem -- or advantage -- of working at the library is that I always find more books that I want to read.

Like many others, I work full time and have a family, so free time sometimes feels like a luxury. So the question is, how to do I find more time to read when I’m already so busy? The answer: audiobooks.

I didn’t really listen to audiobooks prior to working at the library. After starting here in January, however, I started to think about how I could cross more books off of my list by listening to them on my commute from Green River to Rock Springs. So last winter I finally checked one out. After one drive to work, I was hooked. I had trouble getting out of the car to go into the library to start my day -- I wanted to keep listening to the story. I started going to my car during lunch, just to listen to the book.

At the library we have a big selection of audiobooks. You can find classic literature, books by your favorite new authors, books for kids and a nonfiction books. And they’re not just on CD. We have Playaways, which are self-contained audiobooks. All you have to do is hook them up to a speaker, or wear headphones to use them – no changing discs while you’re driving. We also have a digital audiobook service called OneClick Digital. You can download audiobooks to your smartphones or other devices and take them with you. Just visit the library’s website at and find out how to use OneClick Digital. It’s free – all you need is a library card and PIN to access it

So, if you think you don’t have time to fit in more time for books, think again. You can listen to a book while talking a walk, while working out at the rec center, while you’re cleaning your house, and while doing your holiday baking. If you are traveling over the holidays, you can check out an audiobook to listen to along the way.

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