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By Stephanie Thompson
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Mother's Day tea well attended


Stephanie Thompson

Margaret Alder carries her great granddaughter, Gemma Church, over to another table so her friends could meet her.

The senior center dining room was packed with mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers all celebrating Mother's Day with a special tea luncheon.

On Friday, the Golden Hour Senior Center hosted a Mother's Day tea and luncheon and the event was a huge success. In fact, there were only a handful of chairs left in the dining room.

A small plant in a box and a large pink flamingo popping out of it acted as the centerpieces. Upon sitting down, those in attendance had to try an decide which tasty treat to eat or which tea to try. Some decided to have dessert first and then partake in the mini cucumber, ham, chicken and egg salad sandwiches.

While attendees were filling out cards, chatting and trying to guess the answers to some questions, Expedition Academy students were on hand to pour coffee, hot water and make sure everyone had enough mini sandwiches.

Tables across the room were filled with friends talking about anything topic that seemed to come up while enjoying the desserts and sandwiches.

Many of the ladies, came dressed in their Sunday best with decorative hats on, while others just showed up in blue jeans. It was all a matter of what they felt the most comfortable in.

All those in attendance, were encouraged to fill try and match mother animals with the names of their babies for a chance to win a plant. A lot of those participating felt there was no way they were going to get them right, but then they were told it was just a drawing and the answers didn't have to be correct. With the pressure off, the participants made guesses as best they could and put their sheet of paper into the basket.

The luncheon ended with some participants winning plants. Those who didn't were encouraged to take one of numerous small free plants off of the table before they left.

After the plants were given out, some tables stayed and chatted with each other, while others left immediately.


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