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By Stephanie Thompson
People Editor 

Am I tough enough?


My six-year-old son, John, started playing soccer for the first time and absolutely loves it.

Which has left this mom wondering “Am I cut out to be a soccer mom?”

So far, I have only missed one soccer practice because my oldest son, Matthew, had a school function I needed to take him to.

After being at John’s practices and games, I have quickly come to the conclusion that not only do you have to be tough to play soccer, but you must be tough to watch it.

The team, which consists of eight six year olds has played in 50 plus wind gusts with hats and heavy sweatshirts on under their jerseys and pants on under their shorts. However, they didn’t play in the rain or snow like some of the older kids did. The soccer season is only a month and a half long and two practices were canceled and two games have been rescheduled due to inclement weather.

While sitting at the games, you can usually see me with a hat, mittens, scarf, coat and boots on, while I cover up with a blanket. Now, I understand I get cold easily, but even the players would curl up under the blankets when they were resting at a couple of the games. The sad part about this is the fact that on those days it was 50 to 60 degrees out.

I was once told that no matter what time of the year it was or what the temperature was outside, a soccer field is always cold. I’m beginning to think whoever told me this may have been onto something.

One day it was so cold, I was asking the other moms if they had seen the commercials for sporting event tents. These are tents that are clear on three sides on them and you can unzip a portion in the front to look out of or even takes photos out of it. We joked about needing to buy one if our kids wanted to keep playing soccer every year. After a short discussion, we weren’t sure how the tents would hold up in the Wyoming wind. It was then I envisioned myself and the tent blowing across the soccer field like a tumble weed.

One day it was in the 70s and even though the soccer players were having a good time and they were actually able to just wear shorts and a soccer jersey, I was happy I had brought my jean jacket. It was nice, but windy. I noticed all of us were still sitting in the sun soaking up the warmth.

What really demonstrated just how tough soccer players must be was this past weekend’s 4A West Regional Soccer Tournament, which took place in Green River.

The high-school players were playing in downpours most of the time. At the beginning of the season, they were playing in snow and during some games they were playing in 70 plus degree temperatures. You have to be tough to adapt to those conditions.

I guess that’s the life of those who participate in spring sports, which quickly becomes the life of their parents wanting to support their children in their sports.

For me, I just know if John pursues this passion, I will need to toughen up because I will be at his games come rain, snow, wind or sunshine. I may be cold and windblown, but I’ll be there.


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